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As an IBA Broker, you will:

"Demographic trends in the US suggest that business brokerage is just such an industry. An aging baby-boomer population, corporate downsizing / outsourcing and globalization are all augmenting the desirability of owning a small business. Most people, however, have little or no experience in buying or selling a company; they need the help of a professional business broker!"


  • Work in conjunction with fellow executive decision makers
  • Help business sellers transition their invested capital into new opportunities
  • Assist business buyers in achieving their dreams of owning and operating their own business
  • Serve as a trusted guide to both parties during the business sale
  • Have access to the best industry training and support
  • Have six figure income potential!
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Indiana  Business Advisors is the largest business brokerage in Indiana and has been serving Indiana buyers and sellers since 1981 with an extensive network of buyers, sellers and referral sources. We are also part of the Sunbelt Network, the largest business brokerage firm in the world and a dominant force in the industry itself. Our Business Brokers are equipped with top industry training and support.